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Wellness initiatives are coordinated through the Diocesan Wellness Coordinator. Wellness efforts are a collaborative approach between the Human Resource team, pastors, and various departments. By working together programs and information are communicated to staff and aimed at achieving key objectives.

The wellness tools are a resource to encourage employees to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and manage chronic health. Key objectives for the wellness initiatives include:

  • Empower and educate.
  • Increase and build motivation.
  • Create an environment of well-being that encompasses an employee’s mental, spiritual and emotional state as well as their productivity and ability to perform at the peak of their capabilities.
  • Allow wellness to support diocesan health plan offerings.
  • Provide wellness events such as health screenings, health fairs, meetings, webinars and wellness challenges.
  • Facilitate access to healthcare providers.

To learn more about employee wellness programs or to submit an idea CLICK HERE