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TeleHealth Options Now Available

The Diocese is pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2020 telemedicine services have been added to our all our healthplans.

The fliers in the adjacent Resources section provide the details on how to access this feature and the copay information. You can use these telehealth services if you are in any of our diocesan health plans:

  • The MMO PPO Plan;
  • The MMO PPO/HSA Plan; or,
  • The MedFlex EPO Plan; or,
  • The Skycare EPO Plan.

Please note that telehealth providers vary by plan and only three medical institutions, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Metrohealth, are available for the current plans. If other providers institute telehealth offerings we will evaluate them when they are available.

Cost Sharing for COVID-19 Treatment Waived

The Diocese is waiving cost sharing for all treatment related to COVID-19, including hospitalizations and ground ambulance transfers for individuals with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, through May 31, 2020.

In addition, the Diocesan Plan will permanently cover FDA-approved medications and vaccines when they become available.

Please contact the Health Benefits Office at with questions.