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•  All active, full-time employees of a covered employer and persons who are hired by a covered employer as temporary employees regularly scheduled to work on a full-time basis after being employed for a 90-day period. Part-time employees who work a minimum number of hours are eligible for coverage at their own expense. Persons who are contract or leased employees and persons who have entered into a written agreement not to participate in the plan are not eligible. Persons who are seasonal employees, whose employment is expected to last less than 6 months, are not eligible.

•  An eligible employee’s spouse who is the lawful husband or wife of the opposite sex from that of the employee.

•   Children (up to age 26) of eligible employees including his or her biological and adopted children, the biological and adopted children of an eligible spouse of the opposite sex, and such children who are required to be covered under the Plan by court order of decree.

•  Retirees.

•  Clergy and members of religious organizations participate in separate plans with similar coverages.

Reminder if you are enrolled in family medical coverage:

Anyone selecting family medical coverage will need to produce proof for their dependents. Employees covering dependent children will need to produce birth certificates. Employees covering their spouses will need marriage certificates, current tax returns and a Working Spouse Employment Verification Form.

Open Enrollment Tips

Open Enrollment is the one time each year you are able to change benefit plans without a “Change Event.” Be ready to make the best choice for you and for your family.

Even if you think you will keep your current coverage, take the time to review the Plan changes and understand how those changes will impact your health care and your wallet.

Medical Mutual offers My Care Compare, an online tool, that you can shop and compare costs between doctors and medical services. Go to to log into your secure My Health Plan account and click My Care Compare to start saving today.

No Changes?
If you are already enrolled in either the MMO PPO, MMO PPO/HSA or SkyCare EPO (formerly MetroSelect EPO) plan and do not need to make any changes you do not need to submit an enrollment form. You will automatically be enrolled in the same coverage.

Making a Change?
If you are currently enrolled and want to make a change to your plan or add a spouse or dependent, you will need to submit an enrollment form.