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Medical Mutual SuperMed PPO/HSA

The MMO PPO/HSA uses the same network of hospitals and providers used in the SuperMed PPO Plan. Also, like the SuperMed PPO Plan, you have the freedom to choose and self-refer to any of the  network providers. The same services covered under the SuperMed PPO Plan are covered under the  MMO PPO/HSA. The only differences are that the MMO PPO/HSA is a high-deductible health plan and the benefits you receive under the Plan are provided, in most cases, at 80% after the deductible. Covered benefits received from non-network providers are reimbursed at a lower rate which is generally 60% after the deductible.

Critical Illness Insurance

MMO PPO/HSA Plan enrollees will automatically be enrolled in a MetLife “Critical Illness” policy. There is no additional cost to the participant in the MMO PPO/HSA Plan for this benefit as it is now a stated element of that health plan. This is coverage that can help cover the extra expenses associated with a serious illness. When a serious illness happens to you or a loved one, this coverage provides you with a lump-sum payment up to $12,000 in Initial Benefits upon diagnosis. Payment you receive will be made in addition to any other insurance you may have and may be spent as you see fit.

Click HERE for more information on this important benefit.

Personal Prescription Benefits:

When you enroll in this plan you receive the added benefit of being part of the CVS Caremark Prescription Plan.  This plan is designed to bring you quality pharmacy care that can help you save money.  Click here fore more detail.

Click HERE to check the cost of prescriptions under the MMO PPO/HSA plan

Save Money with Medical Mutual’s

My Care Compare tool

Different healthcare providers charge different amounts for the same medical services. Know the costs before you make a decision.

Save money – Know where to receive the best care at the best cost. Medical Mutual offers My Care Compare, an online tool, to compare costs between doctors and medical service providers.

Log into your My Health Plan account at and click My Care Compare to start saving today.