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Your Personal Prescription Benefit Program
Welcome to your new prescription benefit plan, managed by CVS Caremark. Your plan is designed to bring you quality pharmacy care that can help you save money.

Following is a brief summary of your prescription benefits.  The MMO PPO/HSA plan covers drugs subject to the deductible and coinsurance.  However, drugs for preventive therapy are not subject to the deductible.  The preventive therapy drug list can be found here

CVS Caremark also provides a Performance Drug List of preferred brand-name medicines that are clinically appropriate and cost-effective.  Ask your doctor to consider prescribing, when medically appropriate, a preferred medicine from this list which can be found here.

You will find details about Maintenance Choice®, which offers two ways for you to save on your long-term medications. CVS Caremark and the Catholic Diocese Cleveland are confident you will find value with your new prescription benefit program.

When a generic is available, but the pharmacy dispenses the brand-name medication for any reason, you will pay the difference between the brand-name medication and the generic plus the brand copayment.

*A long-term medication is taken regularly for chronic conditions or long-term therapy. A few examples include medications for managing high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or high cholesterol.
**Copayment, copay or coinsurance means the amount a plan member is required to pay for a prescription in accordance with a Plan, which may be a deductible, a percentage of the prescription price, a fixed amount or other charge, with the balance, if any, paid by a Plan.